Lovely Ring

The ring is very meaningful for people, beauty has to offer can make our hearts are interested to have it, why the ring is used as a symbolic bond of love us when we mengikrarkankan pernikahan.Itulah kelibahan promise of the ring, offered sparkling charm can lure them.
You Like rings a lot of things you should know about the ring:

1. Gold. The value of gold rings is influenced design, and carat weight. Karat (K) is the gold content in the mixture in which its pure form is worth 24K. Less suitable pure gold wedding ring made of metal because it is soft and
easily deformed due to daily use. To increase its strength, gold is mixed with other metals such as nickel, zinc and copper. 18 K gold or gold-yield 75 percent is usually an option.
2. Alternatively, in addition to gold is platinum (platinum) that color silvery white sheen and classic style. Like gold, platinum ring value is determined by the content in mixtures with other metals are iridium or ruthenium. Unit 900 levels of platinum plate / PT
mean mixture consisting of 90 percent platinum and 10 percent iridium. cheap wedding rings
3. Choose between gold or platinum depending on color, habits and tastes of the bride and groom. Even the health aspects related to the skin alegisitas worth considering.
4. When you wish to choose a ring, you should note two things. The first, determine the budget used. Price wedding ring is generally determined by weight and grade of materials used. When the budget is not big enough, Outsmart by choosing a low level but still consider the quality and design. Levels of 14 K gold is one option that may be considered. Another way
to put pressure on the budget is to avoid the purchase of gold ring when busy request, for example holiday.
5. To make the wedding ring worn survive throughout the ages it should be noted the design value, quality and convenience in the use of artificial.
6. Convenience is a factor that is played with respect to suitability of the ring and finger size. Avoid choosing a ring when the air temperature is too hot or cold, or after heavy physical activity. As a precaution, wedding rings without the addition of stone ornament is an alter
native model is more flexible if it will be changing the size or design.